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Dextrorotatory lactic acid

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Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid 21% ✓ 100ml buy cheap online ✓ mychem.ch
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dextrorotatory lactic acid 21% 100ml

100 ml glass bottle

Article number 1028

L (+) - lactic acid 21%

Bottle with drip tray


In folk medicine and naturopathy, the dextrorotatory L - (+) - lactic acid is highly valued because of its many positive effects in the body. In the intestine, lactic acid regulates by promoting a healthy intestinal flora. Lactic acid also plays an important role in the liver. It promotes the excretion of ammonia through the intestine and thus relieves the liver.

Regulates the intestinal environment

A meat-rich, low-fiber diet and antibiotics promote an alkaline, unhealthy intestinal environment. The flora begins to rot and forms liver-contaminating metabolic toxins such as ammonia and body poisons (Cadaverine). Highly alkaline base agents such as soda and calcium carbonate alkalize the intestinal environment with long-term intake and damage the intestinal flora.

Lactic acid causes in the intestine a lowering of the pH. The slightly acidic intestinal environment makes it difficult for disease-causing microorganisms, such as putrefactive bacteria and fungi, to colonize and multiply. As a result, less harmful ammonia and fusel alcohols are formed in the intestine. The slightly acidic environment promotes the growth of healthy bacteria. So lactic acid supports a healthy intestinal flora and regulates digestion.

Relieves the liver

By acidifying the intestine, lactic acid prevents the absorption of toxic ammonia and can relieve the burden on the liver.

Ammonia is formed in the intestine by bacteria from undigested protein components. Incomplete chewing impairs the digestion of proteins, causing them to reach the colon undigested. There they are from putrefactive bacteria u.a. metabolized to ammonia. This is especially true for meat. The higher the protein intake, the more alkaline the colon and the higher the ammonia load.

The body absorbs the ammonia from the alkaline pH of the intestine and breaks it down through the liver.

The energy metabolism in the liver is heavily burdened. In an acidic environment, on the other hand, non-toxic ammonium salt is formed from the ammonia, which we can excrete via the stool. In this way, the detoxification and deacidification performance of the liver is improved and relieves the liver as the central organ of the energy and acid-base budget. Thus, L - (+) - lactic acid also has a favorable effect on the acid-base balance.



Water, L (+) - lactic acide 

Recommended dosage:

Consume daily 1 to 3 x 20 drops in water, fruit juice or tea stirred.
Do not take the drops undiluted!


- Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
- Keep out of reach of small children.
- The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
- Keep cool and dry.
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