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BioClean - No. 1 against viruses, bacteria and pathogens

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Swiss Made
Laboratory-tested raw materials
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BioClean 0.3% 100ml amber glass with dropper attachment
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BioClean No. 1 against viruses, bacteria and pathogens

  • BioClean kills viruses, bacteria, pathogens .....99,9999 % and more according to the study here..(klick).
  • BioClean is a mychem.ch proprietary chlorine dioxide disinfectant for direct and efficient disinfection on objects and surfaces.
  • Reliably kills viruses and bacteria on dishes, fruits, vegetables etc.
  • BioClean kills viruses, bacteria, pathogens .....
  • BioClean is a Swiss Made chlorine dioxide disinfectant for direct and efficient disinfection of objects and surfaces.
  • BioClean is also particularly suitable for controlling algae.
  • BioClean is predestined for effective and practicable drinking water disinfection for private households, travel, outdoor, trekking, camping and leisure.
  • BioClean is the only biocide which directly disinfects and combats fungi with the efficient active ingredient chlorine dioxide: simply pour directly from the bottle onto the object to be disinfected, surface or into the drinking water and let it act briefly: Surfaces are germ-free in about 1 minute, drinking water in about 20 minutes.

Manufactured and bottled in Switzerland under the highest quality requirements from mychem.ch

Pure chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in fully demineralized water
Formula: ClO2
Concentration: 0.3 % %
Quality: puriss
corresponds in composition 100% CDS

Mychem water quality...click

Article number 1501


100 ml brown glass bottle with dropper and childproof lid.
Dimensions: diameter 43mm, height with cover 120mm
Weight: 210g

Usage area

Disinfectants for disinfecting drinking water and small surfaces in the outdoor area, private, hiking, camping, traveling and outdoor:
Just apply directly from the bottle.
Kills all germs and pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa, nematodes and fungi etc.

What is BioClean?

BioClean is an approved biocide with the approval number CHZN3849.
BioClean is a disinfectant and consists of a solution of 0.3% chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in water.
Disinfectants are substances that kill microorganisms and thereby prevent the transmission of pathogens.
The other privately used drinking water disinfectants are iodine and silver salts.

Benefits of BioClean

BioClean offers the following advantages: 

  • BioClean has a very fast exposure time for sterilization: Surfaces approx. 1 minute, drinking water approx. 20 minutes
  • BioClean impresses with its extremely practical and quick handling: remove the lid and apply.
  • BioClean consists of a ready-to-use and well-defined solution and does not have to be reacted or diluted differently from two different chemicals depending on the application. Delicate confusions are excluded.
  • Spray surfaces of contaminated food and cooking utensils, pads, and eating utensils with BioClean. If desired: Then rinse with water which has been sterilized with BioClean.
  • With BioClean, fresh drinking water can be produced in the easiest possible way in the current amount on the way. Delicate sterilization in stock with re-contamination is eliminated
  • the drinking water remains tastefully neutral
  • small dosing deviations lead to no disadvantages
  • The small handy BioClean bottle is leak-proof and fits everywhere (especially in day luggage of long-distance travelers and backpackers)
  • Prepare for dangerous water contamination, such as in LeLocle, Ticino, etc., and always keep a BioClean in reserve

BioClean in comparison

BioClean (= chlorine dioxide) has the following differences for other emergencies, travel and outdoor iodine- and silver salts: 

  • Chlorine dioxide has a very wide range of uses and is effective against all microorganisms such as bacteria, microbes, viruses, protozoa and fungi (in contrast to the other two remedies)
  • Chlorine dioxide is the only agent independent of the pH of the water
  • Iodine has an unpleasant odor and can lead to severe hyperthyroidism (Wikipedia) if taken repeatedly
  • Silver-containing remedies can lead to argyrogen (irreversible disease, Wikipedia) if taken repeatedly
  • Chlorine dioxide decomposes in barely ascertainable amounts completely into harmless saline and water.
  • When using BioClean, no residues are left behind, in contrast to the use of iodine and silver
  • Chlorine dioxide (BioClean) is the only remedy for cloudy water


Additional information on BioClean: (click for detailed information)

The following topics are listed in the link:
- Drinking water risks
- Travel tips, traveler's diarrhea, hygiene & health
- further uses of BioClean

Instructions for use

Drinking water disinfection (private, traveling, trekking, camping, etc.)
Pre-filter raw water through a cloth (e.g. pocket handkerchief) or filter, depending on the pollution and turbidity caused by suspended matter. Add 0.7 ml or 12-18 drops of BioClean per liter of water and mix briefly. Is sterilized after 20 minutes of storage in the dark. Is very suitable for the disinfection of drinking water in mobile homes.

Surface disinfection

Slightly moisten the surface to be cleaned with damp kitchen paper or cloth. Then add 5-10 drops per dm2 of BioClean, depending on how dirty it is. Distribute evenly on the surface to be cleaned. Repeat treatment as necessary.

Consumption, costs

0.7 milliliters of BioClean are required per liter of disinfection of water. A 100ml bottle of BioClean is sufficient for at least 140 liters of drinking water.
1 liter of water chemically sterilized with BioClean costs around CHF 0.20 to 0.30.
The costs for the other chemical treatments are around CHF 0.02 to CHF 0.30 per liter of treated water.


We guarantee the minimum shelf life of our BioClean for 6 months if the container is stored unopened in a dark and cool place. Depending on the storage conditions, the BioClean can remain usable for many months longer.

Depending on the frequency of use and the storage temperature and incidence of UV light, the concentration of the content can slowly decrease over time.
Reason: Every time the bottle is opened (especially above 11 ° C) a small amount of chlorine dioxide gas escapes from the bottle and the concentration slowly decreases. Light can also neutralize the chlorine dioxide.
Quality test: As long as the drops or liquid are yellow and smell like "swimming pool", there is at least a considerable amount of chlorine dioxide in them. If necessary, increase the application amount accordingly.
Colorless solutions without a "swimming pool odor" have practically lost their effectiveness and should be disposed of.


Do not put on clothes, has a whitening effect Do not apply on ferrous metals: causes rust
Use biocides carefully
Always read the label and product information before use


Shipping only in Switzerland & Lichtenstein. No shipping abroad possible!

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Extra Informations

Link Link to Wikipedia with very informative information!
Special in-house production by MYCHEM.CH: Thanks to highly developed technology, maximum purity and productivity. Corresponds to the absolutely highest quality comparisons and requirements
general public
(Please refer to the safety data sheet before purchasing)
Bottle label with description, application
Safety data sheet
we take back small quantities from private individuals free of charge
 H319  Causes serious eye irritation


Swiss Made own brand    

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super Trinkwassergarant und Entkeimer für unterwegs
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Ich habe BioClean stets dabei wenn ich unterwegs bin. Beruflich bin ich oft in fremden Ländern unterwegs und da war ich schon öfters froh, wenn ich im Hotel das Wasser mit BioClean entkeimen konnte. Auch die Früchte wasche ich stets damit ab und so kann ich praktisch alles essen und trinken und ich hatte noch nie Probleme! Vielen Dank!
Bio Clean
- : (0 out of 0 Customers found this review helpful)
Dieses super Produkt sollte in jeder Hausapotheke stehen. Sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Ausprobieren und sich am Ergebnis erfreuen. Perfekte Beratung, hilfreiches, nettes Personal. Man hat nie ausgelernt!
immer keimfrei unterwegs
- : (0 out of 0 Customers found this review helpful)
Optimal für meine Übernachtungen im Freien. Um Besteck zu reinigen und Wasser zu entkeimen statt abzukochen, was bei Witterung eine sehr praktische alternative ist .
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