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CDS chlorine dioxide solution puriss 0,3%

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Swiss Made
Laboratory-tested raw materials
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CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution 0.3% 100ml 250ml in amber glass
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CDS chlorine dioxide solution puriss 0.3%

Manufactured and bottled in Switzerland under the highest quality requirements from mychem.ch

Pure chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in fully demineralized water
Formula: ClO2
Concentration: 0.3%
Quality: puriss
Corresponds in composition 100% to BioClean


100 ml: brown glass bottle with child safety lock, tamper-evident, tactile warning symbol and drop counter
250 ml: new! brown glass bottle with child safety lock, tamper-evident and tactile warning symbol

CDS drops

Conversion drop (Tr) <--> milliliter (ml) 
20 drops from the mychem CDS dropper bottle = 1 ml CDL


Cool before first opening, otherwise liquid can spurt out!
Bleaches clothes and oxidizes iron alloys!

Storage / shelf life

We guarantee the minimum shelf life of our CDL for 6 months if the container is stored upright, unopened in a dark and cool place. Depending on the storage conditions, the CDL can remain usable for many months longer.

Depending on the frequency of use and the storage temperature and incidence of UV light, the concentration of the content can slowly decrease over time.
Reason: Every time the bottle is opened (especially above 11 ° C) a small amount of chlorine dioxide gas escapes from the bottle and the concentration slowly decreases. Light can also neutralize the chlorine dioxide.

Quality test: As long as the drops or liquid are yellow and smell like "swimming pool", there is at least a considerable amount of chlorine dioxide in them. If necessary, increase the application amount accordingly.
Colorless solutions without a "swimming pool odor" have practically lost their effectiveness and should be disposed of.
Practical tip: Click here for CDL measuring sticks ......

manufacturing process

Our CDS manufacturing process is a special, complex Mychem in-house development based on the reaction process.
For the manufacturing process, we only use high-purity, very expensive raw materials that are not commercially available.
The result is our CDS in its purest form.

Content of CDL on the market

The mychem chlorine dioxide solution with 3000ppm ClO2 has a strong yellow coloration. The content is monitored with a precise measuring device during production. Comparisons with other CDL show that these are usually only around 1000ppm ClO2. This means that the mychem CDL is very extensive.

Personal security

Delivery only to adults over 18 years. 


  • Shipping only in Switzerland & Liechtenstein. No shipping abroad possible!

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Additional Information

MYCHEM quality: MYCHEM offers the highest possible product quality and purity. It stands up to the absolute highest quality comparisons and requirements.
- Business
- Home improvement / hobby
(Please note the hazard warnings before purchasing)
Safety Data Sheet
we take small amounts of private back for free
uses bleaching agents, detergents and cleaning agents, spot cleaning agents, oxidizing agents, surface treatment in general


H319: Causes serious eye irritation


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Seit ich erfahren habe, dass das CDL von diesem Shop keine unerwünschten Fremdstoffe enthält, wie sie ja bekanntlich im Natriumchlorit meistens enthalten sind , wende ich zuhause nur noch dieses CDL an. Für unterwegs im Ausland behelfe ich mir dann eben trotzdem mit Natriumchlorit und Salzsäure. Danke für das tolle Produkt!
- : (2 out of 2 Customers found this review helpful)
- : (1 out of 1 Customers found this review helpful)
Top Produkt, schnelle Lieferung und super Kundenservice
- : (1 out of 1 Customers found this review helpful)
Super Produkt, ich konnte meine Bestellung von Ort abholen. Exzellenter Kundenservice.
Super Service
- : (0 out of 0 Customers found this review helpful)
Mein CDL habe ich am Mittwoch bestellt und am Donnerstag bereits mit der Post erhalten. Super, vielen Dank für Ihren Service. Heinz
Super Service und Top Produkt
- : (0 out of 0 Customers found this review helpful)
- bei Fragen sehr kompetent, hilfsbereit und freundlich - gutes Produkt - extrem schnelle Lieferung
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