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Zeolite pure

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Laboratory-tested raw materials
Zeolite powder pure ✓ 93-95% clinoptilolite ✓ buy online ✓ 100g mychem quality
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Zeolite powder pure

 Article number 1075

bottled in Switzerland by mychem.ch

Zeolite is a word compound of "zeo" (Greek = I boil) and "lithos" (Greek = stone), indicating the basic properties of the mineral group.

The mostly from volcanoes originating crystalline tuff rock mineral has different compositions depending on the locality, each with somewhat different characteristics.

There are more than 40 different zeolite structures, e.g. Clinoptilolite in which the silicon and aluminum ratio is 5 to 1.
The following description applies specifically to the silica-rich clinoptilolite zeolite.


Zeolite powder pure
content 93 - 95 % clinoptilolite
granulation 8 μm (Mikrometer)


100 g / 200 g / 400 g


plastic tin with tamper-evident closure
store in a dry place


During volcanic eruptions, alkaline and earth-alkaline metals as well as aluminosilicates in the form of ash are thrown out of the crater. The volcanic ash carried by the wind deposits on the earth's surface and forms thick layers. In some cases, this ash falls on water, or water penetrates the volcanic deposits. In both circumstances, the connection between the volcanic ash and the sodium-containing water causes a chemical reaction. This leads to the formation of natural zeolite.


The nature of zeolite is determined during its formation. Due to natural differences such as temperature, location, texture of the ashes and water, every natural zeolite gets unique characteristic features.

The silicate and aluminum contained in the ash form uniform cavities with a honeycomb-like crystal structure. Zeolite has the ability of the ions contained in their cavities against other substances - e.g. Pollutants such as toxins and heavy metals - exchange and bind.

By grinding to the micrometer range, zeolite first unfolds its full versatile cavity structure properties. This creates a larger surface within the powder that binds even more pollutants.

Our zeolite from Romania is micronised by means of an air jet process.
The result is the finest possible zeolite grain size (powder) of 8 μm.

Description of the quality designation

Pure (purum) is a chemical quality designation. The product is chemically pure, i.e. it has a minimum content of 97%, unless otherwise stated.


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