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sodium chlorite

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Swiss Made
Laboratory-tested raw materials
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Sodium chlorite 28% / 25% ultrapure 100ml 250ml (NaClO2) in brown glass bottle with dropper insert
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Sodiumchlorite (NaClO2)

Produced and bottled in Switzerland by mychem.ch

Content: 100 ml / 250 ml solution 28 % (for all substances) and 25 % (for NaClO2)
Formula: NaClO


100 ml: brown glass bottle with child safety lock, tamper-evident, tactile warning symbol and drop counter.
100 ml puriss: purest quality. Brown glass bottle with child safety lock, tamper-evident closure, tactile warning symbol and dropper.
250 ml: HDPE canister with tamper-evident closure, child safety lock, tactile warning symbol, lateral graduation.


Instructions for the preparation of chlorine dioxide solution


Make sure the room is well ventilated, as chlorine dioxide gas escapes during the chemical reaction and you must not inhale it.
Be careful to mix only small amounts, e.g. three drops each. Larger quantities produce large amounts of gas.


Drop a 1:1 ratio of sodium chlorite (NaClO2) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) into a clean, dry (non-metal) container. The dropper insert from our 100ml bottle is suitable for this. Alternatively use our Pasteur pipette (rinse well with water after use of each chemical).
After about 45 seconds you can add your desired amount of water and the resulting CDL is ready.

Ready-made Mychem CDS in comparison to home-made CDS

One drop of each NaClO2 and HCI corresponds to the effective amount of eight drops of our ready-made CDS.
Example: 3 drops of NaClO2 mixed with 3 drops of HCl = 24 drops of Mychem CDS.


The CDS obtained by mixing NaClO2 and HCl contains by-products from the raw chemicals and does not reach the purity of our finished CDS.
The manufacturing process of our CDS is a special, elaborate Mychem proprietary development based on the reaction process. For the manufacturing process, we use only high-purity, very expensive raw materials that are not commercially available. The result is our CDS in its purest form.


Personal security

Delivery only to adults over 18 years.


  • Shipping only in Switzerland & Lichtenstein. No shipping abroad possible!
  • Signature: The packages are handed over to the recipient only against signature.

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extra information

  MYCHEM quality: MYCHEM offers the highest possible product quality and purity. It stands up to the absolute highest quality comparisons and requirements.
- Business
- Do-it-yourselfers / hobby from 18 years
(Please note the hazard warnings before purchasing)
Safety Data Sheet
Product Label: Danger, safety and disposal instructions
we take small amounts of privates back for free


H301: Toxic if swallowed

H312: Harmful in contact with skin.


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Ich benutze täglich die öVs und bin sehr froh um dieses Mittel. Damit kann ich verhindern, ständig angesteckt zu werden von Viren und Käfern.
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Sehr empfehlenswert! Gutes hochwirksames Produkt, benutze es seit Jahren mit grossem Erfolg. In Verbindung mit Salzsäure eine unschlagbare Kombination. Toller Service, gerne wieder.
Super Kombination!
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Super Produkt in Kombination mit Salzsäure! Nutze es zur Produktion von CDL und bin sehr zufrieden.
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