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Miron purple glass liter can

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Miron purple glass liter can
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Miron purple glass liter jar

Miron purple glass liter jar with black screw lid. Your ideal packaging for natural products, such as food, supplements, teas, spices etc. 
Your ideal packaging for liquid natural products, such as DMSO, Moringa oil, etc. 

Violet glass, the perfect filter for sun rays

Schnittlauch ist der beste Beweis für Violettglas

There is only one type of glass in the world that filters the sun's rays perfectly. By letting the positive rays in and keeping the harmful rays out. MIRON's violet glass protects and enhances natural products, making them more durable.

Long shelf life

Taste, smell, color, bioenergy and the natural properties of your product are protected and preserved.

Chives are the best proof of the phenomenal shelf life in violet glass.

Sensory tests are the easiest way to learn about the effects of MIRON glass.
In a simple test, we stored chives for three months in three different jars, including white, brown and purple. In the white and brown jars, the chives quickly became dry and gray. The chives stored in the purple jar retained their fragrance and rich green color.

Premium & luxurous appearance

Miron glass has aroyal purple color when held against zthe light, representing the universe’s harmony of red and blue - Yin and Yang.

Ancient tradition of violet glass

Even the ancient Egyptians used violet glass to preserve their precious natural products, such as cosmetic oils.

Composition of glass

Glass is composed of naturally occurring components, as it consists of sand, soda, ash and limestone.


20 cm /  Diameter 9 cm 
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