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Javel water

Swiss Made
Laboratory-tested raw materials
Sodium Hypochlorite 2.5% (NaClO) 250ml in HDPE bottle with screw cap
Scaled Prices
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CHF 8.50
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CHF 8.25
from 5 pcs.
CHF 8.08
from 10 pcs.
CHF 7.65
starting CHF 12.15*
1 Bottle (250ml)
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Javel Water

Sodium hypochlorite <2.5% (NaClO)

Prepared and bottled in Switzerland by mychem.ch


HDPE bottle, white, chemical resistant with child safety lock, tamper evident closure, side graduation and tactile hazard warning.

ATTENTION: Not to be confused with Eau de Javelle (potassium hypochlorite solution). 

Personal security

Delivery only to adults over 18 years. 

MYCHEM quality: MYCHEM offers the highest possible product quality and purity. It stands up to the absolute highest quality comparisons and requirements.
Before buying please note hazard warnings
Etiquette: Danger, safety and disposal instructions
we take back small amounts of private individuals free of charge
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