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Hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide 3% / 35% ✓ buy online ✓ 100ml Top quality CH
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Hydrogen Peroxide 3 % / 35 %

Prepared and bottled in Switzerland by mychem.ch


- 100 ml hydrogen peroxide 3 %, puriss
- 100 ml / 1 Liter hydrogen peroxide 35 %, pure, stabilized
- 100 ml pharmaceutical quality 30 %, stabilized

Formula: H2O2

Puriss (purissimum) is a chemical quality designation. These substances are of a particularly pure quality, so that no foreign substances can be detected using normal chemical analysis methods. Their purity is at least 99% or higher according to the information.

Pure (purum) is a chemical quality designation. The product is chemically pure, i.e. it has a minimum content of 97%, unless otherwise stated.

Pheur / pharma quality, or pharmaceutical quality, describes the purity level of a product. Pharmaceutical quality is purer than food quality and can be used in pharmacy or added to food. This quality is also used as a raw material for cosmetic products.


- 100 ml: brown glass bottle with child safety lock, tamper-evident, tactile warning symbol and drop counter.

Hand disinfectant: Simply made by yourself (analog WHO recipe)

Only suitable for hand disinfection, because after evaporation it leaves the glycerin as a lubricating film on surfaces.
BioClean is the highly efficient agent for disinfecting surfaces and drinking water.

ingredients (Cost 1 liter: CHF 7.56)

- 8.3 dl alcohol (Ethanos 96%) = e.g. Fuel from the store!
- 0.15 dl glycerin (99.5%) klick here ...
- 0.4 dl hydrogen peroxide (3%) here ....
- 1.15 dl distilled water (from the shop, e.g. for "irons" etc. Or boiled tap water, cooled down)
- For immediate use of your product: BioClean from mychem.ch klick....

Preparation in seven steps

1. Pour alcohol into a clean plastic container
2. Measure and add hydrogen peroxide in a measuring vessel (optimal measuring cylinder) (eye and skin protection!).
3. Measure glycerin and add to the solution. Glycerin is viscous and sticks to the measuring calender: Fill gradually with the previously measured water and rinse it in your detergent.
4. If available: add 12 - 18 drops of BioClean from mychem.ch (advantage: instantly destroys all germs that may still be in your agent).
5. Mix everything very well.
6. Fill your product into small plastic or glass bottles (e.g. 100 ml spray bottles are available here ...)
7. If made with BioClean: Your agent is now ready for use.
    Made without BioClean: 72 hours so that none remain ineffective.

 Personal security

Delivery only to adults over 18 years. store upright!


  • Shipping only in Switzerland & Lichtenstein. No shipping abroad possible!

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Further information

  MYCHEM quality: MYCHEM offers the highest possible product quality and purity. It stands up to the absolute highest quality comparisons and requirements.
- Business
- Home-work / hobby
(Before buying please note hazard warnings)
Etiquette: Danger, safety and disposal instructions
We take small amounts of private people back for free


H302: Harmful if swallowed

H315: Causes skin rashes.

H318: Causes serious eye damage.

H335: May irritate the respiratory system.

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Sehr wirksam auch zur Profilaxe vor jeglicher virulenter oder bekterieller Infektion
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Vielfältige Anwendungsmöglichkeiten: 1. Verdünnt mit 2dl destiliertem Wasser, 5 Tropfen 35% H2O2 täglich zur Profilaxe. 2. Verdünnt als 3% Lösung geeignet als Mundspülung oder Desinfektionsmittel. Top Produkt auch gegen Covit 19
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