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Laboratory-tested raw materials
DMSO Dimethylsulfoxide 100ml in amber glass with drip attachment
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DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)

Prepared and bottled in Switzerland by mychem.ch

Content: 100 ml
Name: dimethyl sulfoxide
- DMSO content: 70%, water content 30% (distilled water)
- DMSO content >99,5%
- DMSO pheur  content >99,9%


100 ml brown glass bottle with child safety lock, tamper evident and drop counter.


- concentration 70% 
- concentration >99.5%
- pharmaceutical quality concentration >99,9%

Pheur / pharmaceutical quality, or pharmaceutical quality, describes the purity level of a product. Pharmaceutical quality is purer than food quality and can be used in pharmacy or added to food. This quality is also used as a raw material for cosmetic products.

brief description

DMSO is a natural substance that is obtained from tree wood.

Attention: danger of "freezing"

Concentrated DMSO becomes below 19 °C!
Make it liquid again: liquefy again in lukewarm water or in a warm room.

Scent deviations of DMSO

Depending on the carrier materials (natural products), the scent may vary from manufacturing batch to manufacturing batch. The quality is always tested and the DMSO can be used safely.

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Further information

MYCHEM quality: MYCHEM offers the highest possible product quality and purity. It stands up to the absolute highest quality comparisons and requirements.
We take back small amounts of private customers for free

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Freude herrscht
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Nach 2 Jahren heftige Fuss-Probleme kam ich endlich auf die Lösung, DMSO..! Nach paar Tagen nur war mein Fuss wie neu, echt erstaunlich, erfreulich und erfrischend wieder gerade gehen zu können. Ich empfehle es weiter :-)
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