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Candles Fir, beeswax

Swiss Made
Candle Fir made of beeswax 100% pure
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Candle Fir made from 100% pure beeswax

Item number 3010

Beeswax candle made with love by hand from the Swiss candle studio RIDKA.



Each candle is individually made and can therefore vary slightly from this information.
Fir small:        5 / 11 cm      76 g
Fir medium:   7 / 17 cm    184 g
Fir large:     8.5 / 16 cm    204 g
100% pure beeswax can have a whitish coating. This is not a mistake, but a sign of quality.

Tip in handling candles

To remove this deposit, you can rub the candle with a soft cloth or warm it up slightly with the hairdryer.
The color of the candle can differ from the picture (lighter or darker), because beeswax is a natural product.

•  Never burn candles unattended or near flammable objects. Use large, fireproof bases and protect them from drafts.
•  To extinguish, immerse the wick in the liquid wax and set it up again.
•  Shorten the wick to approx. 0.5cm before lighting.
•  The candle should burn at least until it has melted to the brim. (However, this is almost not possible with special shapes)
•  For shorter burning times, candles with a smaller diameter should be chosen.
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